My love of books has been with me from an early age, a teacher in my primary school once commented that I would “take any book off a shelf and read it.” It never mattered what that book was, I just loved to read. Some of my childhood books have survived clear outs, charity donations, sticky fingers and remain with me to this day.

I’d never really attempted to write until I was in my 20s. I’d always harboured ambitions to be an actress but traumatic school days put paid to pursuing my dreams of drama so I dabbled in a little AmDram and tried to write when the mood took me.

I soon realised that successful writers have one thing I was lacking: discipline. I dipped in and out of writing so sporadically that I really was getting nowhere fast. The same story I’m working on today has had many different incarnations.

In 2005 I relocated to London where I spent ten years enjoying London life, forgetting about writing and AmDram. I forged friendships, organised social events and carved out a life for myself.

As much as I had loved living in London, the pace of life and cost of living had taken its toll. Some years later and feeling disillusionment set in, my new job afforded me the opportunity to relocate offices. So it was, that I packed up and moved, lock, stock and barrel to the beautiful county of Lincolnshire. I felt able to breathe again and slow down.

Since moving, my writing has flourished. I regularly write short stories which are published here and on Scriggler.I am active on the AmDram scene again and have rediscovered what a joy it is to write.

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